Site In Development

Hey guys,

If you’ve visited our website multiple times in the past 2 years you’ve noticed one glaring detail. We haven’t had a consistent home. I had this website redirect to for some time then I changed that to our Tumblr. The main reason for the inconsistency is that I didn’t feel comfortable with either platform serving as our main hub once they were being utilized. I envisioned something far greater than what we provide with the aforementioned sites. GullyMag was great and I love our Tumblr but we amassed a little over 500 members in a very short period of time and had no clue how we could scale that growth without the capital to bring somebody on board. I knew what I wanted to do for these members and what kind of experience I wanted to provide but I didn’t know how to go about executing those ideas. The result of my madness was an onslaught of changes that caused the site to go down multiple times. I’m assuming we lost a good chunk of our readership base during that time but I can’t regret the trial and error.

Once it became apparent to me that I could not fulfill my vision for the brand on GullyMag or the Tumblr I shifted my focus on trying to find a good home for the site along with somebody who could help me turn my dreams into reality. Now we are currently in talks with multiple developers to complete the process of building this platform to our liking. Till that time the chances are that there won’t be many updates to this website in the fear that we’ll just end up losing it all anyway.I apologize to our members who lost the content they had on GullyMag but assure you that this will be an upgrade. After our site is fully developed you will have the ability to submit your own content and will eventually have the ability to post your own work for sale.

Till then we will continue to run our projects on our other social media outlets, primarily our Tumblr.

We’re a small brand with a small budget and a huge dream. Thank you for being part of our growth.

Be You. Live REAL.

Daniel Steez