#GullySteez is a multi-faceted lifestyle brand dedicated to showcasing all things dope in art & hip-hop. 

We started our company in 2009 as a streetwear brand and got into the screen-printing business shortly thereafter. Over the years we have evolved into a digital media brand with multiple creative projects and a growing list of subsidiary brands that were created to provide our community with different avenues of artistic expression.

Everything we do is executed in an attempt to serve two purposes. First, and most importantly, we aim to shine a light on deserving talent. That mission guides our second purpose which is to entertain and inspire our audience through creativity and good-natured fun.

Be You. Live REAL.

- Daniel Steez

Artwork: @Tk_Alldayz


Secret Poetry Stash has actively been in the practice of giving away poetry to individuals in need of a pick-me-up since it was created by @EmerlytheGreat in 2014. We collect poetry until we have a "Stash" prepped and then make a social call out to give it away to an individual in need. 

We are always looking for creative contributions to our cause.

Learn more, view prior contributions, and get involved:

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#Sketchaholix is our themed art contest. We simply choose a theme, announce it across our platforms, and publish the best entries. There's a cash prize associated with winning the contest and we choose two winners - a lucky random participant and a merit based champion.


There's always a #Sketchaholix contest going on at any give time. Try it for a chance to win some cash. Follow our Instagram to check what the latest theme is and submit an entry: @Sketchaholix_. 



#Sketchathon is our general monthly sketch contest. We announce a monthly prize which is to be split between a lucky participant and a merit based winner. We then publish entries that are either sent to us directly or entered using our hashtag. These contests are generally run on a monthly basis so there's always time for you to get involved. Draw something up and enter it today!



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#SteezWars is a black-book graffiti battle which is run in partnership with @Blackbookology. 

We are a complementary battle that runs in conjunction with the Blackbookology battles to give more entrants a chance to win a prize. As with our other art contests there are two winners - a lucky participant and a merit-based champion. 

There's always a graffiti battle to enter on SteezWars so make sure you sharpen your skills by using our battles as a practicing routine.